Raising the status of learning

from an act to an art

in your school

In Learnership, James Anderson opens a new chapter in education and offers you a powerful framework to break free of the culture of performance and teaching that currently dominates our school system, and instead nurture and sustain a culture of learning and growth. In doing so he shows you how build learner agency and ensure students succeed in school, and thrive in life after school.

Within these pages you'll discover how to:

  • Evaluate the current level of Learnership in your school using the Learnership Diagnostic tool.

  • Foster a culture of growth that sets students up for success in both school and life.

  • Apply the Mindset Continuum to nurture a growth mindset in your students.

  • Harness deep insights into the pivotal role of challenges, Habits of Mind, mistakes, feedback and effort in cultivating Learnership.

  • Develop more skilful learners in your classroom.

  • Get your teachers on board and skilled in developing Learnership.

  • Drive a Learnership program in your school.

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